"Persia Welfare Equipments" started its business under the name of "Automechanic Technic" in 1994 by repairing the engines and gearboxes of a wide range of light and semi-heavy motor vehicles, and in particular, various American automobiles, such as GM products.

At that time in Iran, there were few models of automobiles, whether light or heavy and semi-heavy, which were equipped with the air-conditioner system, including some American sedans, some models of Mercedes Benz and BMW, as well as some models of the Japanese sedans and those of the motor vehicles which were then imported to Iran, including Peugeot 405, Pride, Hyundai, and finally, Scania 112 and 113 and Volvo F12 among the heavy motor vehicles at that time. This class of automobiles was originally equipped with the air-conditioner system, and some of the motor vehicles were equipped with this system over time and based on the taste of their owners at industrial workshops.

But employing the air-conditioner system was highly limited and was not in the least regarded as a phenomenon. As mentioned above, some sedans which were imported to Iran in the early 1990s were equipped with the air-conditioner system, which... Continue here