Refah Sanat Persia started its business under the name of "Automechanic Technic" in 1994 by repairing the engines and gearboxes of a wide range of light and semi-heavy motor vehicles, and in particular, various American automobiles, such as GM products.

At that time in Iran, there were few models of automobiles, whether light or heavy and semi-heavy, which were equipped with the air-conditioner system, including some American sedans, some models of Mercedes Benz and BMW, as well as some models of the Japanese sedans and those of the motor vehicles which were then imported to Iran, including Peugeot 405, Pride, Hyundai, and finally, Scania 112 and 113 and Volvo F12 among the heavy motor vehicles at that time. This class of automobiles was originally equipped with the air-conditioner system, and some of the motor vehicles were equipped with this system over time and based on the taste of their owners at industrial workshops.

But employing the air-conditioner system was highly limited and was not in the least regarded as a phenomenon. As mentioned above, some sedans which were imported to Iran in the early 1990s were equipped with the air-conditioner system, which familiarized people with this system. After several years, consumers turned more and more to applying the motor vehicle's air-conditioner system to the extent that their demand for installation of this system on their automobiles emerged and rose.

Given its technical background and the market demand, Refah Sanat Persia (Automechanic Technic) has brought about a new area in its activities, starting engagement in this area by selling air-conditioner systems and installing them on different sorts of light, semi-heavy and heavy vehicles. During the next years, in the early 2000s, Automechanic Technic's workshop quit repairing vehicle engines and gearboxes and only turned to vehicle air-conditioner systems upon renaming to Technic Cooler.

At that very time, that is the early 2000s, with the emergence of a new generation of inter-urban buses and trucks in Iran and their being equipped with a heating system named "Parking Heater", heavy vehicles consumption market became familiar with this system. The parking heater is a system which functions independently from the vehicle engine and without any needs for the vehicle engine's running on and which generates useful thermal energy with a high level of efficiency using petrol or gasoline fuels as well as the electrical energy of vehicle battery.

Given the heavy and semi-heavy vehicles market's familiarizing with the parking heater and the need of this market for technical logistics of parking heater systems and supply of their required parts, Refah Sanat Persia (Technic Cooler) has started offering parking heater service, extending its engagement in this area by supplying spare parts and the technical service required by diverse parking heater systems.

In 2012, Technic Cooler, having renamed to Refah Sanat Persia and by expanding its activity more, is making attempts to provide a wide variety of services and to enlist customers' satisfaction.

Refah Sanat Persia currently has two workshops in the areas of Chehardangeh and Shatereh, Ayatollah Saeidi (Saveh Rd.), Tehran, both of which are fully prepared to offer the entire aforementioned services.

Relying upon its years of specialized engagement in providing specialized services in relation to the air-conditioner systems, parking heaters, parking coolers, and vehicle fridges, Refah Sanat Persian declares its preparedness to cooperate with all organizations, businesses, corporations, and state and private institutions, and the respectable owners of light and heavy motor vehicles and road construction machinery.

Parking heater is a heating system independent from the vehicle engine and generates a highly desirable, high quality hot air using the electrical fuel and power of the vehicle battery. This system leads to economizing on fuel consumption and hampering of indiscriminate depreciation of the vehicle engine due to its function independence from the vehicle engine. Technic Cooler provides the honorable customers with all services and relating to and the tools and accessories for parking heaters at its well-equipped workshops.

Vehicle air-conditioner is the most popular system in vehicles for providing their passengers with convenience and comfort and which has long been employed in various automobiles. Given the knowledge everybody has of this system, there is no need to introduce it, and we, emphasizing our long standing engagement in this area, declare that Technic Cooler supplies all parts and tools for the air-conditioner systems of different motor vehicles, offering the customers all high quality installation, repairs, and charging service in relation to this system at its well-equipped workshops.

The importance and application of the vehicle air-conditioner system is well known to everyone; seeking resort to cool air without any dampness in sultry, damp weathers, such as in north and south Iran, is quite pleasant. But, on the other hand, high fuel price and charges for vehicle engine repairs and depreciation serve as an impediment to employment of vehicle air-conditioner when the car is off. Using the parking cooler is therefore the solution to this problem. Technic Cooler, provider of parking air-conditioner systems and supplier of tools and repairs service for these systems, is with the car owners and drivers everywhere.

In modern world, man's peace and convenience is of great significance, and the world of technology has therefore made giant strides in this respect, and producing vehicle fridges is a case in point. With the capability of reducing temperature up to subzero degree of centigrade temperature, vehicle fridges are able to preserve all kinds of foodstuff for drivers and vehicle passengers. Refah Sanat Persia, provider of vehicle fridges and their repairs and charge services, is ready to offer services to all customers.